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Free sources of Tower Of Babel (02/12/2011 16:42)Mario Latzig
Hi to all,

Due to lack of time for working on the game, the development has been stopped over the last months (working on a job is harder than having a free live as a student ). I have still interest finishing the game, but I have to go a new way. The business logic of the game is already finished at 98% percent (except some bugs), but my own 3D engine in C++ (using JNDI to the main’s code in Java) has to be converted to a 3rd party game engine, which also supports sound and extended graphic effects (and hardware acceleration) like bump mapping, glass effects and sprites & billboards. Some people of you have already proposed to use an open 3rd party game engine like LWJGL, Unity etc., but at the moment I have no time to do such conversion in my code for the game to finish it In the past I wrote to Pete Cooke (he was one of the leaders implementing the original game) and I explained him my idea to implement ToB as a remake on modern machines. He agreed to that point that I have to make this game open source for everyone as a freeware game. This is still one of my goals for this remake. So, if someone has interest to finish the game I will support him and give him all the sources. My code is documented (Javadoc), so it should be possible for an experienced programmer to go on the work… on the “Tower Of Babel”!

First test version of RToB available! (01/08/2009 17:58)Mario Latzig
A test version of RToB is available for downlad (see link below). The version is pre-alpha! The game is still in development.

The game is fully playable but has limited features:
- no sound
- no extended graphic (no shader support for 3D cards)
- no effects (no animation for explosion, destroyed objects will become invisible)
- no tutorial

You need to have a newer Java runtime and DirectX9+ to play the game.
Download Test Version 20090111-1617

Development is still in progress... (09/21/2008 17:17)Mario Latzig
I am still re-writing complete game in Java...